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When muscle imbalance occurs, it often results in discomfort. Common symptoms associated with muscle imbalance are usually described as: Tightness, Spasm, Tension, Weakness, or Ache/Pain.

Our signature Kinesiology examination provides in-depth information about the function of each muscle surrounding the site of discomfort to help us create an highly personalized treatment with quicker outcomes. Our doctors are trained in Kinesiology and have experience in thorough evaluation of the body’s muscles. When choosing your team of providers, request a kinesiology evaluation.

Movement— Kinesiology
The specialty field of kinesiology bridges the benefits of soft tissue and muscle examination with the structural and neurological functions of the nerves and spine. Incorporating traditional movement analysis with hands on muscle testing, the treatment of muscle patterns improves mobility, flexibility, and coordination.

Very beneficial in the reduction of chronic pain, our Kinesiology examination provides additional support for patients with chronic pain complicated by neurological, digestive and endocrine disorders.