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If you suffer from chronic pain and have tried other treatments without improvement, our Heritage Integrative approach includes specialized kinesiology testing to identify your individual needs.

A comprehensive kinesiology examination is comprised of nearly 50 different muscle examinations and comparative evaluation of neurological, orthopedic, and endocrine complications.

Our doctors treat a wide spectrum of muscle, joint, and spinal problems, including the evaluation of underlying digestive and endocrine dysfunction that often disrupts the healing of muscle, joint, and spine conditions.

The Heritage Integrative approach combines both traditional medical and advanced diagnostics with complementary integrative therapies and techniques. We offer a non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical approach to improving joint function and restoring strength, coordination, and mobility.

Kinesiology examination is reliable and effective for both surgical candidates and post-surgical care patients searching for treatment alternatives. Kinesiology examination is also a complement to traditional Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, so you can proceed without disrupting your current therapy or rehab.

To learn more, contact our Falmouth, Maine office to schedule a Chronic Pain and Alternatives consultation.

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