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When heartburn, fatigue, and joint pain occur during pregnancy, we offer Integrative solutions for your problems. Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition, Dr. Gregory Fox and Pam Withee RN offer the experience necessary to help you maintain your metabolism and energy with natural solutions throughout your entire pregnancy.

Together with your midwife or OB/pediatrician, our providers can help you create a simple, natural, and nutrition based program as the foundation of your Maternity and Birthing Plan. Along with healthy diet, the majority of pre-natal recommendations are preventative, the support and stability of your spine and muscles should not be overlooked, request a consult with one of our doctors before the onset of pain, spasm, or nerve irritation.

We highly recommend reliable and educational reading during your preparation for childbirth. Understanding the options for a natural and integrative pregnancy, we offer resources and solutions for you to make pro-active choices.

Experienced. Knowledgeable. Integrative.

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